Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lostprophets Album To Surface Next Year

The long-delayed Lostprophets album will now surface in 2009. Talking at their V Festival appearance last weekend, keyboardist Jamie Oliver said they were a little apprehensive of the slew of pop releases scheduled for the end of the year:

“We’re not really going to compete with all the pop bands coming out over Christmas. We’re not worried though, it’s going to be good”

The album hasn’t been the easiest for the band. Sessions with Goldfinger guitarist John Feldmann (also produced The Used) were largely scrapped before the band returned to ‘Liberation Transmission’ and Metallica knob twiddler Bob Rock.

Reaction to the new songs, said Oliver, has already filled the band with confidence for the album’s final release.

“We played a bunch of other new songs on some of the other shows we’ve just done. It’s always been a good reception, so I’m pretty confident people will be into it”.

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