Monday, November 15, 2010

Ghost of Sparta

Recently i got my hands on this new Readyatdawn game, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Like all other God of War series the game offers full slashing action entirely...from start to finish.
I already beat the game on Spartan (Hard Mode), and just unlocked the treasures, one of them is The Temple of Zeus. its kinda like a "Shopping Mall", you buy the bonus items with the Red Orbs that you've collected during the game. But the stuffs there were expensive, how the hell do i find a 250000 worth of red orbs.
And then i noticed this item called "the King's Ring" (once belonged to king midas) it gives you 10x of the red orbs, and you can use this item during the battle mode. and if combined with Bonds of Ares (which gives you infinite magic) this is what you get...

I bought all of the stuffs on Temple of Zeus in under half an hour...ALL OF THEM.
The enemies i fought on Battle Mode were Armored Cyclops and the dude with armor and a huge gear in its hand.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salma Hayeek

introducing Salma Hayeek...
this will be the new name of most of my iTunes purchases.
recently Ms. Salma Hayeek just bought 233 items from iTunes, they're Watchout Theres Ghost (Ghost Town), The Devil Wears Prada (Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, Plagues, With Roots Above and Branches Below), Orgy (Candyass, Vapor Transmission, Punk Statik Paranoia), Cœur de pirate (Comme des enfants (Le Matos Remix)), Atreyu (Lead Sails and a Paper Anchor, A Death-Grip on Yesterday, Congregation of the Damned, The Curse), Protest The Hero (Fortress), all Te' albums on iTunes and Detektivbyrån (Wermland)


all of those will be share for all of you, but some items will be exclusives for some websites.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holllow Stars...what are they??

Ever wondered why there were hollow stars and full stars on iTunes album rating??
The hollow stars represent suggested rating for an album based on the ratings you put on a song in the particular album.
Hollow stars rating only appears under an album, as for a song uses a full star rating.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Half star Rating in iTunes

iTunes for Windows half-star ratings
1. Make sure you are closed out of the iTunes application.

2. Navigate to your iTunesPrefs.xml file. It’s normally located in one of the locations below.
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes in Windows XP
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes in Vista and Windows 7.

3. Open the file using a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.

4. Scroll down to where is says:
< key >User Preferences< /key >
< dict >  *
5. Below that line, type the following:
< key >allow-half-stars< /key >
< data >
< /data > *

6. Close and save the iTunesPrefs.xml file.
Now, the next time you open iTunes, you should be able to give songs a rating using half-stars. The new half-star rating system is even compatible with any iPod devices you sync up with.

* remove the spaces in between < or >

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare (Deluxe Version) iTunes LP, nightmare lyric video mod.


i just downloaded this Nightmare iTunesLP with itlp files in it, but i noticed that there's a nighmare lyric video inside the itlp folder but when i load the LP to iTunes the lyric video was nowhere to be found.
so i modified the files inside the itlp folder and make the lyric video appear under the video menu. here it goes...

the files need to be modified were:
videos.css inside the css folder
videos.html inside the view folder
data.js inside the controllers folder and
video.js also inside the controllers folder

first open up videos.css and find /buttonVideo02.png); } then add this line right after it
#videos #video3  { left:563px; top:573px;  background:url(../images/videos/buttonVideo03.png); }

close and save it

next open up videos.html and find and delete it but do not delete and

close and save it

open data.js find thumb02.png then add this line after it
" }
{ string: "Nightmare Lyric Video",  XID : "", src : "USWBV1000357_APR-178-23-1280-720.m4v", duration: '6:16', poster: "thumb03.png" }   

close and save it

finally open video.js and find              { selector : "#video2", action : function () { bookletController.playNonLibraryContent(appData.videos[1])} }, then add after it              { selector : "#video3", action : function () { bookletController.playNonLibraryContent(appData.videos[2])} },
close and save it

then add the LP to the library
note: if you already add the LP to the library, remove it then add it again. if you dont do this the changes you made wont have any effects.

and here's how to add the duration of the videos. it'll appear at the bottom right corner just below the video box.

the files need to be modified were:
videos.css and data.js

open up video.css and find #videos #duration {
change the left:520px to left:861px and top:500px to top:530px
close and save it

then open data.js
the goal in editing the data.js is to make the duration displays the real duration of the videos
{ string: "Nightmare Music Video",            XID : "Warner:isrc:USWBV1000362", src : "", duration: '6:16', poster: "thumb01.png" },
and change the duration to 6:08
{ string: "The Making Of Nightmare Music Video",  XID : "", src : "USWBV1000360_APR-178-23-1280-720.m4v", duration: '8:44', poster: "thumb02.png" }
change the duration to 9:38
close and save it.

remember modifying the *.css only applies when the LP is reloaded to the library.

pics are coming really soon...

TAG!!! why this things were so important....

ever wonder why your mp3s only shows the file names, or even worst it looks like this "artist - track01.mp3" or "track01.mp3" or "unknown artist - unknown song - unknown album"?
even when you had the files renamed the song info still wont shows up.
i'll tell you why, cos it's not properly tagged!!!
you need to tag you music files so that any media player would be able to recognize who sings it and what song that plays.
there were lots of information can be embeded on a tag, such as the artist, the song title, the album, the cover, the composer etc
when an mp3 is properly tagged it dont matter what the file names were, any media player will only display the information it reads from the tag.
tagging an mp3 or any other formats can be done with any tag editor software or any media player with tag editing support such as iTunes, winamp, foobar2000, musicmatch, jetaudio etc.
and not only mp3s can be tagged, there were other multimedia formats that support tagging such as m4a, flac, wma, musepack (thats all i know) even now some video files can be tagged to such as mp4 or m4v.
so for a better viewing and playing, tag your multimedia files with their proper respective informations.


okay now...ever since 4 days ago i started consolidating all of my music and video files with iTunes.
its not an easy task but i'm sure it'll be done in about a month or two.
it would take some time to copy 289GB of music files from one folder to another with a limit 2GB per copies.
why 2GB? cos i only had 2GB of free space.
also as of now all other i mean ALL OTHER music player were removed from my computer, i only use iTunes and foobar2000 as music player.
iTunes is set to handle m4a and mp3, as for all the lossless format i trusted foobar to play them.
why i choose the two of them?? iTunes has the ability to organize media files in outstanding way. no need to rename the files folders anymore cos iTunes will do that for you and don't forget the unicode support.
as for foobar2000, it has the ability to fix corrupted old vbr header on mp3s. old vbr header is those mp3 with vbr mode encodings prior from the standard v0, v1 and v2 so if you have any mp3 that have an insane song length where infact it wasn't that long, you should try fixing the vbr header using foobar2000. also it has an audio scrobbler for
so i recommend iTunes and foobar2000 for those of you who like to listening to music and organize them.

back to consolidating......

Saturday, September 25, 2010

iTunes LPs

as of three days ago i start collecting iTunes LPs....
spending days and days downloading over the web, i've collected more than 40 iTunes LPs

thats just all for now....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Perjaka Terakhir

alkisah ada sebuah grup rentenir (selanjutnya disebut: geng) ternama bernama Mawar Hitam...dimana mereka tidak segan segan melakukan kekerasan pada kliennya yang tidak dapat membayar uang pinjaman pada waktunya,,,

pada suatu hari saat geng Mawar Hitam sedang melakukan aksinya seorang saksi mata (selanjutnya disebut: mahophodit) merasa iba terhadap korban yang sedang disiksa oleh anggota geng Mawar mahophodit pun berusaha menghentikan aksi tersebut, tp apa yang terjadi si mahophodit pun dengan gampangnya dibohongi oleh anggota geng yang mengatakan bahwa aksi tersebut hanyalah bagian dari acara hidden kamera....dan si mahophodit pun bergaya didepan kamera...

geng Mawar Hitam yang dipimpin oleh seorang Pria (selanjutnya disebut: gaylord) yang merasa sudah cukup umur (kenapa cukup umur??? karena gaylord terluka ato lebih tepat teriris jarinya pada saat terjadi penyerangan oleh anggota geng lain, dimana pada saat itu gaylord merasa sudah tidak selincah dulu... )

untuk itu gaylord pun menyerahkan kedudukannya kepada keponakan perempuannya (selanjutnya disebut: waria) yang selama ini sudah memanageri gengnya.

cerita pun berlanjut ketika sang ibunda waria mendesak agar putrinya cepat cepat menikah,,,waria pun berdelit "tete' aja ga punya, mana ada yg mau sama

aku,,," ibunda pun menjawab,,,"iya ilang tete'nya...padahal dulu ibu yakin kamu lahirnya cewe kok,,," dan perburuan jodoh si waria pun dimulai

reality check: ada dialog yang manteb pada saat Fahrani bertemu dengan calon jodohnya direstoran atau cafe lebih tepatnya...pada saat Fahrani menerima telp yang mengatakan bahwa gengnya diserang oleh geng lain si Fahrani secara spontan langsung meneriakkan kalimat yang artinya "fvck yov" dalam bahasa inggris... kemudian pergi meninggalkan sang bunda dan calonnya.

calon yang pertama adalah seorang pengusaha kaya yang berbadan sedikit gendut, pada saat sedang membicarakan tentang perjodohan mereka berdua tiba tiba waria mendapat telp yang mengatakan kalau geng mereka sedang di serang oleh geng lain,,,akhirnya tanpa basa basi waria pun langsung pergi ke medan pertempuran...

di lain pihak si mahophodit yang juga seorang instruktur yoga terlihat sedang berbicara ato lebih tepatnya bersenda gurau dengan para ibu ibu seksi anggota club yoga tersebut (selanjutnya disebut: happy aunty). pembicaraan pun menjurus kearah ranjang dimana akhirnya si mahophodit pun mengaku kalo ternyata dia masih perawan....perawan ato perjaka???

entah kebetulan atau bukan ternyata salah satu happy aunty adalah teman dari ibunda si waria yang tadi mau dicarikan jodoh,,,akirnya mereka pun sepakat untuk menjodohkan mereka, acara pertemuan pun dijanjikan.
pada waktu yang telah ditentukan ternyata lagi lagi si waria di telp oleh teman satu gengnya yang mengatakan bahwa terjadi penyerangan kembali, akhirnya si waria pun kembali ke medan perang

reality check: kenapa adegan berantemnya ga realistis yaaa...??? kenapa jadi kaya film silat dengan ilmu kanuragan tingkat tinggi,,,,??? yang sudah nonton
pasti tau apa yang gw maksud

,,,,akhirnya si waria pun terpojok dan secara tidak sengaja bertemu dengan si mahophodit...adegan kejar kejaran pun terjadi sampe masuk di sebuah mall yang sepi pengunjung, ajaibnya dengan bermodalkan sebuah petasan pop-up si mahophodit dapat menciptakan sebuah tenaga dorong yang luar biasa...sampai para anggota geng lawan pun terlempar

reality check: lebaaaaayyyyy parahhhh,,,,,petasan pesta kok bisa ngeluarin kamehame

...karena terjadi keributan, seorang satpam pun datang ke lokasi sambil berteriak ..."ada apa ini ribut ribut disini??,,,mau saya panggil polisi???....polisiiiiii!!!! polisiiiii....!!!!...."

reality check: si satpam manggil polisi ala tarzan, teriak teriak.... liat sendiri deh,,,gw ngakak abis abisan pas si satpam teriak teriak manggil polisi

dan mereka pun dijodohkan...dengan sedikit pemaksaan dari anggota geng mawar hitam si mahophodit pun mau menerima perjodohan tersebut.
pernikahan pun dilangsungkan...dan lanjut ke malam pertama,,,(bagi si mahophodit)

reality check: asli anjrit najis sumpah hhhhoooeeekkkssss.....adegan di kamar saat Aming berusaha menggoda Fahrani untuk melakukan ritual suami
istri... gw ga tau gimana cara deskripsiinnya.....naaajeeeessss paraaaahhhh......

sampai pada akhirnya si waria pun mengetahui ternyata si mahophodit lah orang yang pernah memberikan puisi kepada dirinya pada waktu di sekolah dulu,,,hati waria pun berbunga bunga,,tanpa basa basi waria langsung menggendong mahophodit ke atas ranjang....

reality check: scene setelah gendong gendongan tersebut,,,totally cowo yang meluk cewe dan si cewe ngerokok....wakakakakakakakakaka....:hamme r:

gaya kepemimpinan waria yang tidak menggunakan kekerasan saat mengambil uang pinjaman mengakibatkan geng Mawar Hitam secara perlahan mulai mendapat reputasi bagus di mata masyarakat, apalagi setelah video klipnya dirilis di layar kaca. hal tersebut membuat gaylord yang sudah pensiun tidak suka image baru yang terbentuk dari Mawar Hitam...dia juga yang akhirnya mengadu domba Mawar Hitam dengan geng seterunya yang dipimpin oleh seorang pemuda kaya raya (selanjutnya disebut: pimp brewok). karena tidak suka merasa dituduh telah menculik ibunda dari waria si pimp brewok pun menantang geng Mawar Hitam untuk adu fisik dengan gengnya, tapi si waria menolak ajakan tersebut, dan sebagai gantinya si waria mengajak si pimp brewok bermain bola
...dan ternyata bolanya di ganti durian...

reality check: menghayallll parah,,,,imaginasi yang terlalu tinggi tapi sumber daya dan teknologi terbatas. contohnya bisa diliat pas adegan main bola duren ini, para pemain yang punya ilmu kanuragan tingkat tinggi dengan gampangnya menendang duren kesana kemari...
adegan pun ditutup dengan hujan duren... pokoknya liat sendiri deh hasil dari imaginasi yang tinggi tapi sumberdaya dan teknologi terbatas.

...akirnya semua pun terungkap bahwa gaylord lah otak dari adu domba yang telah terjadi. setelah lama berpisah akirnya mahophodit dan waria disatukan

reality check: cukup puas gw nonton film ini,,,,puas tertawa,,,lebih tepatnya menertawakan,,,dan masih banyak scene yang layak ditertawakan tp ga bisa gw tulis semuanya dsini,,, sedangkan untuk ratingnya