Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leah Dizon is Married???

American-born idol Leah Dizon (22) is now a married woman. Dizon finished her first tour with a show in Shibuya on Tuesday, and just before her last song, she shocked all of her fans by announcing that she got married last Friday.

Dizon's husband is reportedly a Japanese stylist that she met through work. They met about a year ago when he was involved in a shoot for one of Dizon's CD jackets. They became friends after Dizon began consulting with him about work, and it developed into a relationship. The man is said to be older than the idol, but still in his twenties.

The couple recently discovered that Dizon is pregnant, and they decided to get married. A press conference with more details is being held on Wednesday.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Malaysia did it again


a malaysian rapper JOE FARIZAL (pictured) steals ideas and concept of a song from fellow Indonesian rapper Saykoji (saykojigor)

by changing the lyrics from "Indonesia kita kaya" to "malasya kita kaya" he claim to have wrote the song. the youtube can be found here

saykojigor as a rapper states that he was ok with the "borrowed lyrics" but after he found out that he also got blocked from joe's myspace started to think that there's no good intentions in his (joe) after seeking out for others opinions here, saykojigor makes his move as a reactions to joe's shallow can find the youtube diss song from saykojigor here

by judging from the youtube videos see who's the real rapper.....

Malaysia (Malasya) is only capable of stealing....such a shame...a country without a human resource in music....lame

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remember Bo Bo Ho

Recently Hao Shaowen, previous famous kid star, was accepted by Department of Transportation Management of Taiwan’s Tamkang University. In order to raise for the tuition fees, Hao Shaowen works at an ice cream shop. He humbly said that he felt like to know more about transportation management and apply what he learn.

Hao Shaowen is famed for being filial to his parents. He works to tuition fees and reduces parents’ burden. Currently he has been selling ice cream for a month. He said he’ll be selling ice cream until the school open. He used to earn three houses from his films, and he can earn up to 50,000 Yuan per TV show episode in China mainland. The wage he is earning now is not compatible to what he earned before.

Hao Shaowen is still single at the moment. When asked if he envies his previous partner, Shi Xiaolong, who will become actor again after graduating from American high school, he replied he is not and said that he won’t be actor anymore.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Breaking News: US Senate approves $700B bailout plan

After one spectacular failure, the $700 billion financial industry bailout found a second life Wednesday, winning lopsided passage in the Senate and gaining ground in the House, where Republicans opposition softened.

Senators loaded the economic rescue bill with tax breaks and other sweeteners before passing it by a wide margin, 74-25, a month before the presidential and congressional elections.

In the House, leaders were working feverishly to convert enough opponents of the bill to push it through by Friday, just days after lawmakers there stunningly rejected an earlier version and sent markets plunging around the globe.

The measure didn't cause the same uproar in the Senate, where both parties' presidential candidates, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, made rare appearances to cast "aye" votes.

The rescue package lets the government spend billions of dollars to buy bad mortgage-related securities and other devalued assets held by troubled financial institutions. If successful, advocates say, that would allow frozen credit to begin flowing again and prevent a deep recession.

Even as the Senate voted, House leaders were hunting for the 12 votes they would need to turn around Monday's 228-205 defeat. They were especially targeting the 133 Republicans who voted "no."

Their opposition appeared to be easing after the Senate added $110 billion in tax breaks for businesses and the middle class, plus a provision to raise, from $100,000 to $250,000, the cap on federal deposit insurance.

They were also cheering a decision Tuesday by the Securities and Exchange Commission to ease rules that force companies to devalue assets on their balance sheets to reflect the price they can get on the market.

There were worries, though, that the tax breaks would cause some conservative-leaning Democrats who voted for the rescue Monday to abandon it because it would swell the federal deficit.

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