Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Remember Bo Bo Ho

Recently Hao Shaowen, previous famous kid star, was accepted by Department of Transportation Management of Taiwan’s Tamkang University. In order to raise for the tuition fees, Hao Shaowen works at an ice cream shop. He humbly said that he felt like to know more about transportation management and apply what he learn.

Hao Shaowen is famed for being filial to his parents. He works to tuition fees and reduces parents’ burden. Currently he has been selling ice cream for a month. He said he’ll be selling ice cream until the school open. He used to earn three houses from his films, and he can earn up to 50,000 Yuan per TV show episode in China mainland. The wage he is earning now is not compatible to what he earned before.

Hao Shaowen is still single at the moment. When asked if he envies his previous partner, Shi Xiaolong, who will become actor again after graduating from American high school, he replied he is not and said that he won’t be actor anymore.

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