Saturday, October 11, 2008

Malaysia did it again


a malaysian rapper JOE FARIZAL (pictured) steals ideas and concept of a song from fellow Indonesian rapper Saykoji (saykojigor)

by changing the lyrics from "Indonesia kita kaya" to "malasya kita kaya" he claim to have wrote the song. the youtube can be found here

saykojigor as a rapper states that he was ok with the "borrowed lyrics" but after he found out that he also got blocked from joe's myspace started to think that there's no good intentions in his (joe) after seeking out for others opinions here, saykojigor makes his move as a reactions to joe's shallow can find the youtube diss song from saykojigor here

by judging from the youtube videos see who's the real rapper.....

Malaysia (Malasya) is only capable of stealing....such a shame...a country without a human resource in music....lame

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