Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TAG!!! why this things were so important....

ever wonder why your mp3s only shows the file names, or even worst it looks like this "artist - track01.mp3" or "track01.mp3" or "unknown artist - unknown song - unknown album"?
even when you had the files renamed the song info still wont shows up.
i'll tell you why, cos it's not properly tagged!!!
you need to tag you music files so that any media player would be able to recognize who sings it and what song that plays.
there were lots of information can be embeded on a tag, such as the artist, the song title, the album, the cover, the composer etc
when an mp3 is properly tagged it dont matter what the file names were, any media player will only display the information it reads from the tag.
tagging an mp3 or any other formats can be done with any tag editor software or any media player with tag editing support such as iTunes, winamp, foobar2000, musicmatch, jetaudio etc.
and not only mp3s can be tagged, there were other multimedia formats that support tagging such as m4a, flac, wma, musepack (thats all i know) even now some video files can be tagged to such as mp4 or m4v.
so for a better viewing and playing, tag your multimedia files with their proper respective informations.

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