Tuesday, September 28, 2010


okay now...ever since 4 days ago i started consolidating all of my music and video files with iTunes.
its not an easy task but i'm sure it'll be done in about a month or two.
it would take some time to copy 289GB of music files from one folder to another with a limit 2GB per copies.
why 2GB? cos i only had 2GB of free space.
also as of now all other i mean ALL OTHER music player were removed from my computer, i only use iTunes and foobar2000 as music player.
iTunes is set to handle m4a and mp3, as for all the lossless format i trusted foobar to play them.
why i choose the two of them?? iTunes has the ability to organize media files in outstanding way. no need to rename the files folders anymore cos iTunes will do that for you and don't forget the unicode support.
as for foobar2000, it has the ability to fix corrupted old vbr header on mp3s. old vbr header is those mp3 with vbr mode encodings prior from the standard v0, v1 and v2 so if you have any mp3 that have an insane song length where infact it wasn't that long, you should try fixing the vbr header using foobar2000. also it has an audio scrobbler for last.fm.
so i recommend iTunes and foobar2000 for those of you who like to listening to music and organize them.

back to consolidating......

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