Monday, November 15, 2010

Ghost of Sparta

Recently i got my hands on this new Readyatdawn game, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Like all other God of War series the game offers full slashing action entirely...from start to finish.
I already beat the game on Spartan (Hard Mode), and just unlocked the treasures, one of them is The Temple of Zeus. its kinda like a "Shopping Mall", you buy the bonus items with the Red Orbs that you've collected during the game. But the stuffs there were expensive, how the hell do i find a 250000 worth of red orbs.
And then i noticed this item called "the King's Ring" (once belonged to king midas) it gives you 10x of the red orbs, and you can use this item during the battle mode. and if combined with Bonds of Ares (which gives you infinite magic) this is what you get...

I bought all of the stuffs on Temple of Zeus in under half an hour...ALL OF THEM.
The enemies i fought on Battle Mode were Armored Cyclops and the dude with armor and a huge gear in its hand.

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