Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salma Hayeek

introducing Salma Hayeek...
this will be the new name of most of my iTunes purchases.
recently Ms. Salma Hayeek just bought 233 items from iTunes, they're Watchout Theres Ghost (Ghost Town), The Devil Wears Prada (Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, Plagues, With Roots Above and Branches Below), Orgy (Candyass, Vapor Transmission, Punk Statik Paranoia), Cœur de pirate (Comme des enfants (Le Matos Remix)), Atreyu (Lead Sails and a Paper Anchor, A Death-Grip on Yesterday, Congregation of the Damned, The Curse), Protest The Hero (Fortress), all Te' albums on iTunes and Detektivbyrån (Wermland)


all of those will be share for all of you, but some items will be exclusives for some websites.

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CHONKENT said...

hi buddy can you upload something of Detektivbyrån please and give me passfor you blog from this account??