Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reality Show....or is there something behind it???

nowadays Indonesian national TV each have their own reality Indonesian Idol, KDI, AFI ect. truly this was not a singing or talent was just a cover up to a bigger bussiness....premium SMS

Its a promising business and its law least for nwo. details read below.....

lets count it...lets say for each premium SMS you've sent worth Rp 2000. from that amount of money 60% is for the SMS Center (Indosat, telkomsel, Excelcom ect.) and the rest of it 40% goes to........yes the organizer!!!

well anyone can be the organizer...with proper funding to rent an online server and the ability to develop the software.

in this case if the organizer get 40% share on each SMS (around Rp 800), then IF 5% of all the Indonesian or lets say a 100 of your friends, who has a cellphone and watch reality TV i'm sure around 40% of them did watch reality TV and sending SMS'....then the organizer will have around Rp 80 billion...and another thing if the grand price was a 1 billion luxurious house on any location you want...

1:80 you count the profit..

plus the event supporting statement to send as many SMS to keep you favourites!!??

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