Monday, May 26, 2008

Jucelino predictions......hopefully not true...


1- Violence in Rio de Janeiro will mark the beginning of the year;

2- Attack in Iraq will kill more than 25 people in Baghdad and another attack in the North will wound dozens of people;

3- Blizzard will hit Japan and may hinder the work in airports;

4- Influenza will increase in about 35% of cases in Japan between January and February;

5- Many problems will hit the airports after the end of vacation and the road system of Brazil, and accidents will increase in relation of the last year;

6- Earthquake will hit Japan in the region of Kawasaki;

7- In Pakistan, it will increase the number of conflicts and Musharraf will suffer, the country will enter in a dangerous situation, there will be protests all over the country, and the sun of of Benazir Bhutto may suffer an attack against his life, and run a risk of life until the end of march of 2008.

8- Earthquake in the Sumatra Island may reach 6.7 in Richter Scale;

9- Protests in Colombia will mark the beginning of the year with lot of violence in the country;

10- In Venezuela there will be many revolts and possibility of crimes and attacks against the politician and even Chavez;

11- Absence of rain and intense heat in Australia, there will be rationing of water;

11 a - An meteor may collide with Mars and if it deflects it may hit the Earth in 2019;

11 b - An outbreak of arachnids in some regions of Brazil (crescent increase of yellow and black scorpions in Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and others regions);

11 c - Gales in the region of Campinas ? São Paulo and the increase of hemorrhagic dengue. And there will be cases in others regions of Brazil;

11 d - Increase of violence in Kenya ? Africa; because of the corruption in the counting of votes, the candidate of President who lost runs a risk of life.

11 e - Start of a big economic growth in China, South Korea, Japan and Thailand; Until the end of 2008 will be very positive to the linked countries;

11 f - Beginning of yellow fever in BrasÃ*lia, Goiás, Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais. (Brazil)


12- The hemorrhagic dengue is already epidemic in Rio de Janeiro and others regions of Brazil with increase of 65% in relation of the last year;

13- The rain will damage São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais (Brazilian States), high weather will bring serious problems;

14- Big floods in Europe and blizzards will spread in some regions;

15- Somalia- Africa conflicts and death will mark the month of February;

16- Earthquake in Japan at Kawasaki may occur this month;

17- Big floods in Philippines, China and Indonesia will mark the month. Many deaths and injured people;

18- It's already more than 50 municipalities that will suffer because of the drought of the last year, and it starts the warming in the south of the country; (Brazil)

19- Movements of landless and many invasions will mark the year (month) in North and South of the country with conflicts. (Brazil)


20- Attack against Spain will mark the date in Madrid and the group “E” will do new attacks;

21- Scandals involving the health will be discovered this month; (Brazil)

22- Earthquake in Japan of 6.8 in the Richter Scale will hit 200 km from Tokyo;

23- In Congo (Africa), a Earthquake will get a eruption resulting discomfort, and a big quantity of smoke to everywhere.

24- USA, in the region of Ohio and Kansas, tornadoes will destroy the region and may result in deaths.

25- Campinas (Brazil) will be hit by a gale and damage everywhere;

26- The hemorrhagic dengue is case of preoccupation in the regions of São José do Rio Preto, Campinas, and Ribeirão Preto; (Brazil)

27- Attack against London, may result in many lost of lives in England, that already have weather problems and so serious warming out of season;

28- Crisis in automobile firms may result in closing of unities in Brazil and others famous firms and from different lines will close;

29- Firms try to trick the Federal Revenue and the tax evasion will increase 20% this year; (Brazil)


30- Appear of more scandal involving the health, education, treasury and products without authorizations run in the Brazilian market;

31- Attack in Italy will mark the month of April and lots of conflicts;

32- Palestinians and Israelites start a conflict and it is already more than 20 deaths and attacks;

33- Niger (Africa) ? There are big revolts, conflicts and deaths;

34- More one terrorist attack in Lebanon with more than 50 deaths;

35- Rains result in disrupt in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and São Paulo, the heat bring new cases of hemorrhagic dengue; (Brazil)

36- At Northeast, big floods and drought affect the Sertao with lots of disrupt and difficulties with their lose; (Brazil)

37- Big fires in Portugal and water scarcity bring serious problems;

38- Earthquake hit Russia and there are some losses of life. It is 6.8 in Richter scale at 100 km from the capital (Moscow);


39- Big manifest will mark the month for the right of job and disagreements with adopted politics; (Brazil)

40- Earthquake will hit Japan at region of Chiba ? 7.2 in the Richter Scale;

41- Norovirus start to be a preoccupation to the Japanese government;

42- Violence against police centers and police stations mark the month (plans of attacks); (Brazil)

43- Gales hit Tubarão ? SC and others places of the South of the Brazil resulting in big problems to the region;

44- Acre will suffer with many floods and problems in the region because of strong rains and intense heat; (Brazil)

45- Focus of FMD (Foot-and-mouth disease) will hit the region of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul; (Brazil)

46- An airplane may suffer and fall on the way to Florianópolis ? SC and may result in many victims (Company was already alerted) (Brazil);

47- Sun eruptions increase more and the weather of the planet can result in problems and fires will spread out to everywhere;

48- War of the traffic will mark many victims in Rio de Janeiro and innocent people may lose their lives;

49- Terrorists groups are living illegality in Brazil and are entering from the region of Amazon and Paraguay;

50- In Paraguay, there are an increase of 55% in the cases of hemorrhagic dengue and many victims everywhere;


51- Scandals in hospitals, bad service and administrative problems in the Northeast, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. There are a big embezzling of funds, etc; (Brazil)

52- Earthquake in Japan in the region of Osaka of 6.3, mark with many problems.

53- A typhoon will hit Japan resulting big problems;

54- Earthquake of 7.2 will hit Jakarta in Indonesia;

55- Big floods in China resulted by a hurricane and it is already thousands of deaths and it starts to hit Bangladesh and Philippines;

56- In Caribbean, a hurricane is being already a big problem and many deaths in Mexico, Jamaica, etc.

57- In USA, three tornadoes hit the region of Texas, etc. resulting in big problems;

58- In India, the floods is victimizing dozens of people and it is already more than 1000 homeless;

59- The number of people with AIDS in Africa reach more than 40%, total unbalance and deaths everywhere.


60- Conflicts of homeless will mark in the south of Brazil and invasions and protests everywhere;

61- Strong Typhoons hit Japan resulting in big disruption and many deaths;

62- Australia is hit by a strong cyclone and there are many problems, leaving homeless;

63- Chile will be hit by a Earthquake of 6.9 in Richter scale and São Paulo feel the tremor;

64- Big floods hit France, Germany and Moldavia leaving thousands of homeless and deaths;

65- Increase the conflicts in Turkey and combats everywhere against the Kurds (next to Iraq);

66- Bombing kill more than 100 people in north of Iraq;

67- Revolt and conflicts in Algeria (Africa) mark blood in the country. An earthquake of 7.1 hit the capital;

68- Increase the consume in Japan of 4.2% and the economic speed up;

69- A small earthquake of 3.1 is observed in the region of the Amazon;


70- In Fortaleza a small earth tremor of 4.2 is observed and it start to open more the subterranean fissure next to the sea (underwater) that came from Africa to Brazil;

71- Earthquake in the capital of Israel put the country in alert because it is 5.3 in Richter scale;

72- A earthquake of 7.8 hit Peru (Lima) resulting in dozens of deaths and thousands of homeless;

73- Increase in the cases of yellow fever in the Federal District ? BrasÃ*lia (Capital of Brazil) and put the health in alert. There are a mutation and the cases are being dangerous, It may transform in an epidemic.

74- A typhoon hit Japan resulting victims and homeless;

75- A typhoon hit China and it is already thousands of homeless, strong rains result in floods and many deaths;

76- South Korea is hit by a typhoon and there are many homeless;

77- An attack in Lebanon results in revolts and conflicts everywhere, it is already more than 63 deaths;

78- The drought starts in the south of Brazil and big earthquakes result floods in Porto Alegre ? RS municipality are isolated with the rains;

79- Earthquakes hit Kashmir-Pakistan of 8.2 in Richter scale, thousands of deaths and homeless;


80- An airplane fall and disappear in the southwest of Jakarta in Indonesia, it is more than 60 deaths;

81- An earthquake will hit China and may reach a million of deaths (if it don't happen in China, it may be in the region of Tokai in Japan and result many deaths);

82- There are two buildings in the region of Guararapes ? PE jeopardized in the works and may fall victimizing many people. (with problem in the structure and the material used). Already sent letters to the Civil Defense for verification. (Brazil)

83- Rough sea result disrupt at Baixada Santista and waves up to 6 meters (19.7 feet) result panic in people. (Brazil)

84- Conflicts in Uruguay may result in many victims this month.

85- Illegal deforestation in Acre, Amazon and Para (Brazilian states) mark by conflicts and seize of illegal wood removed and it is favorable from the inspector;

86- Train accident in India will have hundreds of deaths everywhere;

86 a - China's Olympiad of Peking is going to be a big outcome (success).

87- Earthquake in Indonesia of 6.4 in Richter scale in the island of Sumatra;

88- Fidel Castro ? Cuba has a new relapse in his health and he run the risk of life.

89- High decrease in the tributary (river) of Brazil and the lack of rain may bring the rationing in the big São Paulo;


90- USA increased the pollution in 15% of the average of 2007.

91- The crisis and water scarcity hit China that live a serious problem even with the economic grow, it face the economic collapse of drought (the beginning of the problem);

92- Attack in Egypt kill 43 people and leave dozen of wounded.

93- Big conflicts in the South Africa marked by violence against the politic system and racism;

94- Possibility of a leak of radioactive material in Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station, that may be from the the earthquake of 6.6 in Richter scale that will hit the region;

95- Violence in Pakistan will kill 113 people in a radical Muslim rebellion in Islamabad;

96- Netherlands is already suffering with the progress of the tide, and rains may damage the dikes;

97- There are plans to change the new president Cristina Kirchner (Argentina) and opposition movements against her government, even she got approbation of more than 80% of the population in her favor.

98- Earthquake of 7.5 hit Chile and it is dozens of deaths;

99- Earth tremor in Bengkulu (Sumatra, Indonesia) and regions next to Jakarta of 7.3 in Richter scale;

100- Geraldo Alckmin is the new mayor of São Paulo ? SP November of 2008; (Brazil)

101- The body of Madeleine McCann did not even go out of Portugal and she is next to the hotel (or in the hotel), because there was a police mistake that affirms she was taken. The body is too close of the place of disappearance. The person who disappears Madeleine is close to her (relative of the victim...)

102- Big disappearance of weapons in Uruguay and the crisis between the workers of the government and suspects of money washing and traffic of weapons, etc.

103- Appear of some crisis of some ministry and traffic of influences, embezzling of funds in educations, health and others; (Brazil)

104- There are few investments in public security and big scandal of embezzling of funds will appear. Because of the end of CPMF (Provisional Contribution on Financial Transactions - an Brazilian tax ended in December of 2007) will appear new black hollows and discover of embezzling of funds, and easily of bidding. (Brazil)

105- Rebellions in prisons will mark many regions in Brazil with many conflicts;

106- Big discoveries of fuel adulteration and many prisons all over Brazil and some food products continue being fraud and deceiving the consumers;

107- Increase of cases of influenza in Japan and appearance of the subtype 9 that is even more and there are register in Indonesia, South Korea and China;

108- Focus of the Rabies hit the inner of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás; (Brazil)

109- Dengue is already epidemic in Brazil and tend to increase with the drought and storms that hit the country, focus of fire everywhere;

110- Earthquake of 6.5 hit the region of Tokyo (60 km from Tokyo);

111- Appear the first experimental vaccine against the HIV virus and create lots of positive expectations with this progress, the immunization will be made in people that don't have the disease);


112 - Conflicts in the slum of Rio de Janeiro leave many deaths between the traffic and polices;

113 - Attack in university in USA leave more than 20 deaths and wounded, and in Norway will have a correlate problem;

114 - Problems of the health of Paul Mc: it may take him into the hospital with run of life in England;

115 - Big fires will mark the intense summer in California and it tend to increase and a hurricane threat the Americans in New Orleans;

116 - There will be a collapse in the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Sea Movement and it will suffer a big seasonal variation and will bring bizarres effects of the Global Warming that may create a “Regional Ice Age” in Europe;

117 - Earthquake in Colombia of 6.6 in Richter Scale;

118 - Earthquake in Mexico of 7.9 in Richter Scale in the capital will result thousands of deaths;

119 - Earthquake in Indonesia of 7.4 in the Sumatra Island will result hundreds of wounded;

120 - In Bangladesh, a hurricane will result thousands of homeless and thousands of deaths everywhere.

120 a - Protests in France mark the end of 2008;

120 b - Violence in Rio and war of traffickers make more victims, and it is out of control;

120 c - Influenza turn already a big preoccupation in Japan and South Korea;

120 d - Blizzard in Europe hinder some airports, and in USA it is already turning a calamity;

120 e - Radical Islamics groups provoke many attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and Lebanon.

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