Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It's not as simple as you think it is. there's an association named World Rock-Paper-Scissors Society. this society annualy held a competition between its members, even up to the world championships. do they always depending on luck to win the game?? ....NOT!!! they have their own strategies not probabilities to win. according to the society, the only way to find out what your opponent will choose either rock, papers, scissors is depending on how much rounds you have won during the game. the leading palyers tend to use scissors as a symbol of aggresivnes, paper is for the softer attacks and rock is used as the backup plan.....sounds funny??? yeah for us.....but to them its strategies...

the society has done a reasearch about how big is the game's penetration to the pop culture, and one of their studies shows that rock is uesd 3% more often than the other two.

and just for the knowledge David Lovelace has expanded the game and creating a sceme called RPS-15 and RPS-25

RPS-15 has 1.3 trillions of permutation and 105 probabilities and RPS-25 has 15.5 million exp 8 and 300 probabilities.....

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